How To Get Paid To Chat Online In The UK (16+ Sites Hiring Now!)

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I know people who spend hours every day chatting online. They’re literally always messaging people, whether on their phone or their laptop.

If you’re addicted to chatting online, guess what:

You could be getting paid for that!

Right now, you must be asking yourself, ‘who would pay someone just to chat?!’

Well, believe it or not, there are several different ways you can get paid to chat online:

  • customer service chat operators
  • teaching English conversation
  • be an online friend
  • share your knowledge or opinions
  • adult chat
  • psychic/tarot chat
  • charge followers or fans to chat with you

The beauty of getting paid to chat online it is that you can work at home, on a part-time or full-time basis.

Usually, the hours are flexible. You can work from your phone, tablet or laptop. There are jobs that pay you to chat by text message, voice calls or video chat.

It’s completely up to you!

Let’s take a deeper look at how to make money chatting online in the UK.

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Tips on getting paid to chat online

A quick disclaimer: I haven’t done this type of work myself and I don’t have personal experience with all the companies mentioned.

This post should be considered a starting point for you to do your own research.

Towards the end of this post, we are going to discuss adult chat online jobs. These are not for everyone, and I certainly wouldn’t want to encourage you into that sort of work if it’s not something you’re comfortable with!

But I chose to include them on this page because I know many people are interested in learning more.

Please be very mindful of your personal safety if you take any kind of paid chat online job!

Here are a few quick safety tips:

  • Take care to disguise your real identity and location.
  • Never give out personal information such as your date of birth or address.
  • Most of these jobs will not require you to send pictures or go on webcam. But if you do, look out for any identifying information in the background of the shot. Could people work out your location based on the view out of your window?
  • Don’t give out your real, full name. Some of these sites will let you be anonymous or use a nickname. If you do use your real first name, consider switching up the spelling to make it harder for people to find you.
  • Read the T&Cs of the job before you start. Make sure you have options in case you’re uncomfortable. Will you have the right to terminate chats and block users you don’t want to chat to?

That said, here are some companies to look into if you want to get paid to chat online in the UK.

Get paid to chat online about random stuff

a woman chatting online holding a coffee

Rent A Friend

Did you know there are people out there who’ll pay you to be their online friend? Rent A Friend lets you sign up to be a virtual friend and get paid to chat.

Ok, it might seem a bit odd at first sight, but there are plenty of legit reasons why people are ready to pay a stranger for their time.

For example:

  • Elderly or isolated people who want someone to chat to
  • People with a problem they want to talk over, but don’t want to trouble their ‘real life’ friends or want a different point of view
  • People who enjoy talking to someone in a different country and learning about their life (remember the good old days of penpals?)

Rent A Friend is a US site, but you can join from anywhere in the world.

To get started, simply create a free profile and wait for interested friends to contact you.

First off, you’ll message each other through the website’s online system. Then you can decide how to continue your chat: by email, text message, phone or however else you like.

You can set your own rates. The average is around $10 per hour.

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I’m sure you’ve heard of Fiverr: the website where you can advertise ‘gigs’ selling any service you like, starting at just $5.

You can make money doing pretty much anything on Fiverr, and chatting online is no exception!

I searched Fiverr for keywords such as ‘chat’ and ‘talk’ to see what kind of thing people are selling. Here are some examples I found.

All of these had several reviews – meaning people are buying these services!

If you can offer any of these services, simply sign up on Fiverr and list your own gig!

Get paid to chat in English

If you speak fluent English, you already have everything you need to start a profitable side hustle helping people in other countries improve their English!

Teaching English online can be a full time job if you want it to be. However, for maximum earning potential you’ll need a teaching qualification. You’ll also have to invest a fair bit of time in creating lesson plans and producing study materials.

Luckily, there’s an easier option: get paid to chat in English, providing informal practise for learners who want to improve their conversation skills.

Here are some companies to get you started:

young woman teaching english online, wearing a headset


Cambly is a platform that connects students around the world with native speakers to practise English over video chat. 

Once you’re accepted as a tutor on Cambly, you simply log into their platform and wait for the calls to come in. Sometimes you’ll have long chats with regular students, and other times just 5 minute chats with random users. You get paid by the minute ($0.17/min).

Cambly do provide some materials in case you need help to get the conversation going, but most students just want to chat freely about everyday topics.

You don’t need a degree, experience or teaching qualification to get paid to chat with Cambly.


iTalki is a well-known language learning website. You can sign up to teach any language under the sun.

There are two types of teachers on iTalki: professional teachers (who need a teaching qualification and typically work through textbooks or structured courses with students) and ‘community tutors’, who provide informal speaking practise.

If you want to make money chatting in English, sign up as the second category. You set your own rates and organise your own hours through the iTalki platform.


Palfish is an app that connects English speakers with learners in China.

There are a few different levels you can join at, depending on your qualifications, nationality and experience.

If you want to get paid just for chatting, you’ll be interested in the FreeTalk option, which is pretty much as it sounds: free conversation on whatever you or your students want to talk about.

You can set your own rates and there are no requirements.

Get paid to chat using your skills

Have any specialist skills or knowledge? You can get paid to chat about that! Here are some websites that pay you to chat by sharing your expertise.

female consultant typing on her laptop


If you are an expert in your field – whether that’s medicine, law, tutoring or another area – then Fibler is one of the best ways for you to earn money while chatting online.

Fibler is a platform that helps people get answers to their questions from experts.

Fibler connects these people to experts depending on the nature and field of their question. You get paid to answer questions by text chat, voice or video calls.

Essentially, it’s an easy, fuss free way to start a consulting side hustle.

You can also record ‘Videocasts’ (short lectures on your topic) which viewers pay to watch.

The best thing about Fibler is that you get to decide the amount of money you charge the client. You charge per minute for voice or video chat, or per message for text chat.

Of course, the platform takes a percentage for the providing the connection between you and the client.

You will need proof of your expertise in your chosen field to get hired.


Maven call themselves a ‘microconsulting’ platform. You earn money by answering clients’ questions in writing or on the phone. You get to set your own hourly rate.

It’s a US company but you can sign up internationally.

Maven is similar to Fibler. The main difference is that anyone can sign up – their tagline is ‘everybody knows something’, and they believe everyone has useful information to share, no matter what field you’re in.

Of course, some fields are bound to be more in demand than others! This could be an interesting way to earn a little extra cash if you have knowledge to share. But be aware that for most, it’s unlikely to lead to regular income. is another site that lets you charge customers per minute to chat with you.

It’s different from the other sites listed here because you need to find the customers yourself – you can’t just log in and start getting paid to chat with strangers.

However, this could be a useful platform if you already have a website or any kind of following.

Or, if you are setting up a small business offering some kind of service, and you need an easy way to charge your clients to chat online.

Here are some examples of people using to monetise their time:

  • Consultants
  • Coaches (e.g. life coach, business coach)
  • Influencers
  • Tutors
  • Tech support
  • Adult models
  • Counselors
  • Entertainers

As you can see, you could apply this to almost any industry!

You can choose to offer text chat, video chat or voice calls, and set your own rates per minute.

Legit customer support chat operator jobs

Almost every decent company has an online chat option nowadays. Users now prefer online chat over any other channel, and companies are waking up to that fact.

That means there’s an ever-increasing supply of online chat agent jobs up for grabs! 

It might not be as interesting as some of the other ways to get paid for chatting we’ve looked at in this post. But if you need a reliable work from home job and you’re comfortable chatting to strangers all day, online customer service jobs might be right for you.

You will find plenty of these jobs advertised on all the big job sites such as Indeed or Reed. They can go by various names, so here are some terms to try searching:

  • live chat agent
  • online chat advisor
  • remote customer service advisor
  • webchat agent
  • customer support advisor

Alternatively, you can go directly to the major chat support providers, which are always looking to hire directly. Here are a few of the big employers to get you started:


Sensee is a major UK customer support company that provides home working support reps to all kinds of well-known companies.

It has a solid reputation, and it’s a great company to look at if you want to get paid to chat in the UK. They have a good employee reviews, and they pay the living wage (£9.30 per hour, rising to £10.75 in London).

Sensee’s chat operators are known as ‘HomeAgents’. HomeAgents connect with customers via online chat, social media, email and/or phone, depending on the client. You can specify your preferences when you sign up.

You’ll need to commit to a minimum of 20 hours per month.


Arise is a a huge company that connects customer support reps with the companies that need them, in the UK, USA and Canada. By signing up with Arise, you’ll have your pick of roles, providing customer service by online chat and/or phone.

Typically, shifts are available around the clock, making this a great flexible work from home job for mums who want to work after the kids are in bed.

Learn more in this interview with a mum who worked for Arise part time from home. She made around £15 per hour.

The Chat Shop

The Chat Shop is another big company that hires live chat agents for all kinds of clients. 

The Chat Shop only provides typed online chat services – no need to speak on the phone or video chat. The work is focused on chatting with customers with the goal of sales or conversions, rather than the standard customer support.

You can apply for a remote online chat position if you live in the UK or US. You need a typing speed of 65 wpm and you’ll have to take a typing test before proceeding with your application.


Amazon needs no introduction. 

There are loads of different ways to make money with Amazon. And one of them is live chat support.

Like many other eCommerce platforms, Amazon employs people on a work-from-home basis to engage their clients and answer their questions. The job description is basic; communicate with the client via Amazon’s online messaging platform and answer their queries.

To apply for a job as an Amazon chat support representative:

  • Visit the site’s hiring page.
  • Click on ‘Remote Career Opportunities.’
  • Chat support roles are listed under Customer Service.

The best time to apply for Amazon is the period approaching the holidays. New roles are listed all the time so it’s worth checking back if you don’t see anything suitable.

Adult chat operator jobs (get paid to flirt!)

Again, this type of work is not for everyone! Go ahead and skip this section if it’s not for you.

But if you’re chatty, flirty and open-minded, perhaps you think getting paid to flirt sounds like a laugh! Here are some sites that pay you to talk to men:

woman in black doing flirt chat on her laptop


Cloudworkers is an international company that recruits chat moderators to work online from anywhere in the world. 

Unlike many other chat providers, they only deal with text-based online chat. Perfect if you hate picking up the phone!

The Cloudworkers website doesn’t tell you much about the kind of work. But when I did some digging on this company, I found out that it is in fact adult chat, which is why I put it is this category.

It’s all completely anonymous and you won’t have to share any photos or personal info. Chat operators answer as a persona, not as their real selves. They recruit men as well as women.

You can work on a full time or part time basis. You’ll be asked to indicate your availability each week and then stick to your assigned shifts.

Cloudworkers pay monthly via bank transfer or PayPal.


Operador is another company that doesn’t give away much online, but from my own research I found out that the work involves answering adult chat messages. 

Like Cloudworkers, chat operators represent pretend personas – so you can stay completely anonymous.

You earn from 10-21p per message and they pay out weekly.

You’ll even have your own ‘personal tutor’ to coach you on how to reply.


AdultChatJobs is a UK-based platform that allows you to earn money by replying to adult messages online.

Once you sign up with AdultChatJobs, you are made an ‘admin’. Then you can log in at a time that suits you and take part in adult chats through the platform.

The best thing about AdultChatJobs is that you do not have to reveal your real identity. All messages are typed, and you can remain completely anonymous.

This platform pays its workers once a week, directly into your bank account. They pay 15p per message. Some admins apparently earn up to £300 a week.

You can work from your mobile, tablet or computer.

Chat Recruit

If you are looking to earn money quickly through adult chat, then Chat Recruit is another website you may want to check out.

Chat Recruit is a UK site with a few different ways to make money chatting.

You can sign up for their adult phone chatline jobs if you’re up for making money with some naughty chat. They even have webcam jobs if you want to take it a step further.

They also run psychic chatlines (phone or text chat). If you happen to be a tarot reader, clairvoyant or similar you can set your own rates and pick your own hours.

And if you already happen to have a following (perhaps as an influencer, artist or model), you can use Chat Recruit’s platform to charge your fans to chat with you.

You can request payment weekly if you like, so it’s a great option if you want to get money coming in quickly.


If you like flirting and are good at it, why not work as a ‘professional flirt’?!

If you are interested in getting paid to flirt, then you may want to consider Flirtbucks. This site is recruiting ‘Chat Hostesses’ to chat with men on webcam.

Flirtbucks are clear that their platform is for chat only. No nudity required! Although you’d be chatting with men over webcam, this is not a camgirl platform.

Chat Hostesses remain in control of who they chat with at all times. You have the right to close down a call if it’s making you uncomfortable.

Payment is per minute, so the amount of money you earn depends on the chat or video call duration. The best thing about Flirtbucks is that you earn more the longer you stay an active user. As a new user, you only need to wait for three months for the rates to rise.

Payment is every two weeks by PayPal.

Get paid to chat online

What do you think? Have you worked for any of these companies? Do you know any other ways to get paid for chatting online in the UK?

Please share your knowledge in the comments to help out other readers!

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