OhMyDosh Review: How to Make £20 in 30 Minutes!

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This week I’ve been testing out an awesome new site for making money online in the UK.

The site is called OhMyDosh! and I made over £20 in just half an hour! I am really excited to share this one with you because I’ve found it to be a legit and easy way to make money online.

Read on for my full OhMyDosh! review, including a breakdown of how I made my first £20 and proof of payment.

Please note that this post contains my referral links. That means that if you sign up for OhMyDosh! or another site mentioned in this post, I may earn a commission at no cost to you.

How to make money online with Oh My Dosh, a new site for making money online in the UK! I tested out this site and I have already received payment. But is this a legit way to make money online? Click through to find out!

What is OhMyDosh?

OhMyDosh! (yes, the exclamation mark is part of the name) is a new money making site in the UK where you can earn money for applying for free trials, taking surveys, entering competitions and all other kinds of offers.

Their tagline is ‘give a little time, get a lotta dosh’ and that about sums it up – it’s an easy way to make money with no money because all you have to do is spend a bit of time signing up with their various partners, and you get paid really well for it!

It’s similar to 20 Cogs (now Cashback), but I actually like OhMyDosh! way better – there’s a bigger variety of offers to choose from, and you can cash out much quicker!

You can request to cash out from just £10 (I made this within 20 minutes of joining!), and you can choose to receive your payment either by bank transfer or PayPal. It takes about three working days to process payments.

You must be in the UK to register with OhMyDosh!

How does OhMyDosh work?

OhMyDosh! works by asking you to sign up with various companies for special offers and trials. You get paid for every offer you complete. Once your OhMyDosh! balance reaches £10, you can cash out!

There are dozens of different offers on there, some with very well known companies such as Amazon, and many that I’ve never heard of. It’s completely up to you which offers you choose to take.

oh my dosh screenshot showing different offers to make money online

To test out OhMyDosh!, I decided to set a timer for 30 minutes and see how much money I could make in that time.

By the time my 30 minute timer went off, I’d made £20.50!!

Here’s how I did it:

  • 50p: sign up bonus (but you can get a £2 bonus exclusively with my link)
  • 50p: confirm your email address
  • £7: Readly 2 month subscription (I had to pay £1.99)
  • £4: Hayu 1 month free trial
  • £7: Which? subscription (I had to pay £1)
  • £1.50: BFI player free trial
  • TOTAL = £20.50, minus £2.99 paid out = £17.51 profit

oh my dosh screenshot showing the offers I completed to earn over £20 in 30 minutes

As you can see from my earnings screenshot (which I took at the end of the 30 minutes), £15 worth of offers confirmed straight away, which means I could have requested to cash out right away if I wanted to. The other £5.50 were pending but they confirmed a couple of days later.

I had to spend £2.99 to make the money, giving me a profit of £17.51.

That makes an average rate of over £35 per hour, so I was very happy with that 🙂

The remaining offers confirmed within 24 hours and I safely received my £20.50 into my PayPal account a few days after that!

Click here to get started earning cash with OhMyDosh!

ohmydosh proof of payment

Ways to earn on OhMyDosh!

There are loads of different ways to earn money on OhMyDosh!, including:

  • Free trials
  • Surveys
  • Competitions
  • Entertainment trials
  • Sign up to deals
  • Daily Dosh giveaway – one random member wins £10 each day
  • Gambling offers (combine these with matched betting for even more cash!)
  • Cashback on utilities deals and comparison sites
  • Cashback for shopping online at selected sites
  • Refer a friend

There are even some offers that could save you serious money long term, as well as making you money, such as switching to a cheaper utilities deal.

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OhMyDosh! have a generous referral program where you can get an extra £5 for every friend that joins with your link and earns £10. Also, your friend will get a £1 sign up bonus too! (Get your £1 bonus with my link.)

With some of the offers, it takes a while for the cash to actually clear in your account. If you want to make money fast, look for the ‘lightening payouts’ section. All these offers validate in 24 hours.

oh my dosh screenshot showing fast paying lightning payout section

Is OhMyDosh legit?

You might be wondering if OhMyDosh! is a legit way to make money online. After all, it’s always a good idea to be cautious with these things.

I’ve tested out OhMyDosh! for myself and have actually received money from them in my bank account, so I can confirm that yes, it is a legitimate site!

They also have excellent reviews on Trust Pilot, where they average 5 stars.

Is OhMyDosh safe?

Yes, in my opinion OhMyDosh! is totally safe to use. They have a lot of good reviews out there and they do not take any money themselves.

Bear in mind that the various offers will send you off to other sites that are partners of OhMyDosh. All the sites that I’ve seen so far look legit, but do be careful if you end up on a site that you’re not sure about. There are so many different offers on OhMyDosh! that you can always find something else to do instead if you’re not happy!

Here are some tips and warnings for making money with Oh My Dosh:

  • As with any kind of site for making money online, I always recommend that you use a separate email address (make a new free one if you have to), because you will get a lot of emails from all the offers you sign up to!
  • For some offers you do have to shell out a small amount or give your card details so they can bill you at the end of your free trial period. If you’re not comfortable with this or don’t think you’ll remember to cancel, Oh My Dosh also has a ‘No Spend’ section where you can earn money without ever sharing your card details. 
  • If you sign up for any free trial offers, make sure to mark in your calendar when the trial runs out and cancel before they charge you for the second month.
  • Keep all your confirmation emails just in case one of your offers doesn’t track properly. I personally haven’t had any issues with this, but you never know.

Oh My Dosh: a legit way to make extra money in the UK

Having tested out OhMyDosh! for myself, I’m really happy with this site as a way to make some easy extra cash! Have you tried Oh My Dosh yet? Did you agree with my review? Let me know in the comments!

Click here to get started earning cash with OhMyDosh!

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I made £20 in half an hour with this new money making site! It really is an easy and quick way to make extra money. Click through to find out how I did it!

How I made £20 in less than half an hour with this new website to make money online in the UK! I really recommend this site as a way to make money fast. Click through to find out how you can copy my results!
OhMyDosh! is a new site to make extra cash from home in the UK. But is it a legit way to make extra money? Click through to find out what happened when I tested it with my own money!