The Best Flexible Work From Home Opportunity For Busy Parents

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: in my experience, matched betting is the best and fastest way to make money online in the UK. It’s profitable, tax-free, and extremely flexible.

This makes it a great work from home opportunity for busy parents, as Adam from Money Savvy Daddy explains in this week’s guest post.

Adam is a busy dad who works from home and also finds time for side hustles such as matched betting for extra income. In this post he shares some clever tips to help you fit matched betting into your life and save you time.

Flexibility Working From Home For Busy Parents Is Key

I’ve been working from home for almost 15 years and 14 of those as a father.  Nearly 11 of those years as the father of twins.

Staying up late through the night to do feeds, in the case of twins feeds every 2 hours.  Bottle feeding one, while foot rocking the other waiting hungry twin in a baby bouncer.  With one particular twin taking almost an hour to feed it’s one of my most prominent memories of how tiring and time-consuming parenting can be.

So where does making money fit into all of this?  Well, at such a busy times for parents, earning extra income is not easy.  One of the key attributes of a good side hustle for extra income is flexibility working from home around parenting and possibly other work.

What's the best flexible work form home busy parents? Click through to find out!!

What’s the Best Flexible Side Income For Busy Parents?

This is where Matched Betting comes in.  I believe it’s potentially one of the best jobs for stay at home mums purely because it’s so flexible.

Matched Betting is a totally legitimate way to make money online.   You can read how BoostMyBudget made her first £1000+ in just under 12 weeks.

I’ve been earning a side income from Matched betting for over 3 years now.  Here’s my Matched Betting guide with profit boosting tips you can use from the start.

Anyone Can Do Matched Betting – No Previous Knowledge Required

Matched Betting can be undertaken by almost anyone.  No previous knowledge of betting or sports is required.

You don’t need to follow sports, even if you bet on them.

All you need to focus on is Matching bets and making profits.

You can start matched betting this weekend and make up to £40 with a free trial from matched betting service Outplayed.

Getting Started – Take Your Time – Don’t Rush

Initially, it can be a lot to take in, so if you are tired or brain frazzled from the children and busy family life, then it can be as much about finding the time you feel mentally fresh, as finding actual free time.

When you do get the time you can read up on the first or potential next offer.  Make notes of anything you are not sure of and maybe ask in the supporting forum.

Start doing the first offers when you are fresh and won’t get disturbed.  You’ll need to concentrate doing these, firstly so you do them correctly and also so you fully understand what you are doing and why.

After the first few bets are completed you’ll be on your way.

How Much You Need To Get Started

Ideally you need £60-£100+ to get started.  You use this money to place your bets at the sportsbook and the exchange.  Once you have completed the qualifying bet and the free bet you will have more than you started with.

If you don’t yet have this much available, maybe check out How to make money with no money.

Best Time to Do Matched Betting

If you have the luxury of choosing the best time to do your Matched Betting, typically Saturdays are the best.

During the football season, there’s usually plenty of high profile football going on and you can bet on these games a few days in advance.

Even when there is no football, there’s always some sporting event on.  Horse Racing alone takes place every day.  However, it’s usually best to bet on horses after around 10 am.

dad with son and football. matched betting is a great side hustle for dads to earn extra money!

Flexible 24/7 Offers You Can Do Anytime

Some offers you can do literally anytime, 24/7, so pick these off when there’s nothing with a time limit available.

Here are a few examples of the types of offers you can do anytime, even in the middle of the night if you like.

Sign Ups

When starting out with sign up offers, if you stick to high profile events, like Premier league football, and other top European football, you can easily bet on the matches days in advance.

Therefore when you get 5- 10 mins spare, you can attempt an offer, even if its just back and laying the qualifying bets.

Set a reminder or write yourself a note in or diary entry or whatever you prefer to make sure you complete the free bet part of the offer within the required timescale.

New sign-ups for both sportsbooks and casinos become available on a regular basis so you can pick these off whenever you want.


Once you have completed a number of sign-up offers you can start to move on to Reloads.

Many types of Reloads can be completed at any time of day.  Some will only be available within a 24 hour period, so you just need to find time to do them.

Casino Reloads / Bingo / Cashback Offers

Casino and bingo offers are ideal for doing any time 24/7.

If you have tried Matched Betting but not the casino offers, you could well be  missing out.  The longer I Matched Bet the more % profit I make from casino offers.  Here’s my take on how to make money from casinos.

The biggest limitation is some reloads are only available within a 24 hour period.

I personally go through Outplayed Reloads and “Mark as Complete” all offers I’ve finished or don’t wish to do.

Periodically through the rest of the day, you could pick off the rest of the offers, particularly the ones that are only available till the end of the day.  Plus with fewer offers showing it’s easy to spot any new offers that are added through the day.

Often in Reloads, there might be offers such as:

  • Daily Spin and get an offer
  • 10 free spins (with or without wagering)

Or Low Risk offers such as:

  • Wager £10 get 10 free spins

You can lose money doing low-risk offers, so only do then if you have built your bankroll and understand them. The longer I have been Matched Betting, the more I have profited from low-risk casino offers.

However, if starting out, there are plenty of risk-free offers to be found.  I normally make a £100+ a month just from risk-free offers alone, sometimes a lot more.

Easy and Can Even Do When Tired Or In Front Of TV

Once you know how to do casino offers, especially the risk-free ones, they become easy.

I can personally do them when I’m too tired to do other tasks that require more thought, e.g blog posts, selling items etc.

I sometimes even do basic casino offers while the TV is on.

matched betting: all you need is a laptop to get started! The perfect flexible side job

Flexible Working From Home & Multitasking

One of the best things about doing casino offers is that you can have the reels spinning on autoplay and be doing other tasks such as housework, feeding kids or even other side hustles at the same time.

Just keep a note of your wagering progress.

Set Times To Sit Down And Check For Offers

Sometimes it helps to get into a routine.  Have a daily checklist of regular offers you want to pick off through the day whenever you get a chance.  Some opportunities such as Daily spin, only take 1-2 minutes each.

Daily you can check all the following options for offers:

Alerts For Extra Opportunities

If you are a member of a Matched betting site, set forum threads to “Watch”.  Put the volume up on your device so you here any alerts posted while you are undertaking other tasks.

These are ideal for any forum thread where members post opportunities that they find and the info might require immediate action, such as:

  • Price Boosts
  • Close match threads for popular offers

Set Up Filters For Random Checks For Opportunities

Another thing you can do is set up your own filters in the OddsMatcher.

Once you are on Reloads, some offers are ongoing every week.

When you have time, between all kinds of other tasks, you can just quickly click refresh and have a look to see if there are any close matches available for the offers you have filtered for.

This works for all kinds of offers, such as refund attempts, early payout offers and boost your own odds etc.

Consistency – Do Something Every day

Do try to make the effort to find time every day otherwise before you know it a week has passed and you might not feel as fresh and confident to pick it up again.

Even if you have the experience, it pays to keep fresh with Matched Betting as often as possible.

Doing at least a little often will keep you current with which offers are currently offering the highest earning potential.

It’s easier to pick off the easiest offers through a week, rather than dedicating the same amount of time to say one particular day of the week.

Everyone can find 5-10 minutes a day if they choose to.  If you want to free up more time to make money working from home check out these Simple Productivity Hacks.

Pre-Midnight Checks

If you do start casino offers, it’s worth doing a late evening check for offers that might expire for midnight.

Any offers available will have been posted by now, either in the Reloads section of your Matched Betting site and possibly in the forum.

These usually take just a few minutes to pick off.

What Potential Earnings Does Matched Betting Offer

The more time and effort you put into Matched Betting, the more you can potentially make.

I’m not saying it’s all easy to earn a lot, but it is certainly possible.

As you become more experienced you will not only become quicker in placing bets and making money from the basics, you will also learn new methods to make more.

There are so many opportunities within matched betting that we could both be putting in the hours every week but targeting different promotions.

These choices are in part due to doing the offers we like or can do within given timeframes, but also in part due to where we are able to bet.  Over time it is inevitable we will be hit with gubbings which means we are no longer eligible for either specific offers or all offers.

However, unless restricted down to penny stakes, it is still possible to make money from a vast number of bookie accounts.

working from home with a baby

Flexibility Compared to Surveys Etc

While it could be said surveys and similar opportunities offer the same advantages of being able to do 24/7, they are very time consuming for a lot less money.

Personally, I would only use these options if I was starting from zero pounds.

If you are in this position check out the Ultimate List of Paid Surveys to get started.

My recommended aim would be, to first make and save £60-£100+ and then start Matched Betting.

Where to Find Me

You find can me at my blog

I also often post Matched Betting tips and findings on MoneySavvyDaddy Instagram, often in the Insta Stories,


Hopefully, I’ve highlighted just how flexible this work from home side hustle Matched Betting can be.

At the very least it can be attempted any hour of the day 24/7 and some aspects of it can be combined with other tasks.

Any questions, please ask.

You can start matched betting this weekend and make up to £40 with a free trial from matched betting service Outplayed.

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Want to make money from home as a stay at home parent? Matched betting is a great flexible job that you can do around your baby! Learn more here!

Are you a stay at home dad who wants to earn extra money around your children? Matched betting is the perfect side hustle idea for stay at home dads in the UK! Totally flexible, you can do it day or night online from your computer. Click through to learn more!
Perfect side hustle idea for stay at home mums in the UK! Earn money from home while you stay home with your baby!
A real way to make money from home as a stay at home mum. Great flexible home job idea for mums in the UK. Earn up to £1000 a month!
Matched betting is the best way to make extra money online in the UK. But how to fit it in your life as a busy parent? This post has lots of tips and hacks to make money online betting from home.